We focus on encouraging people to tell stories on our clients behalf. By far and away they are the best kind of stories.

At every point there is an opportunity to drive social content, created by our customers or ourselves. Beyond that, Social is not just content, it’s a behaviour, which should be integrated into everything we do.

Equally, brand social activity is increasingly too far removed from its mission and has many moving parts of questionable value. Like all activity, it needs to be accountable and be carefully laddered up to brand goals and objectives. In an increasingly fragmenting world, we believe social strategy, execution and measurement need to be better integrated and more effective than ever before.

• Social strategy
• Social effectiveness audits and channel analysis
• Social campaigns
• Monitoring and Engagement
• Social Listening and Reporting
• Competitor Audits
• Crisis management
• On location news-rooms
• Influencer identification
• Influencer activation and campaigns
• Social media dashboards
• Social media analytics integration