Engineered from the ground up for a changing world

About Us

From the ground up

We are built from the ground up as a sustainable solution to exponentially changing market needs, to help clients make better decisions and implement solutions both now and into the future.

We deliver

We deliver integrated data driven marketing and communication services, digital and technology solutions along with high level brand, future and thought leadership offerings.

We are...

We are an adaptable company that combines deep and diverse experience, proven entrepreneurialism, along with the knowledge agility required to navigate at the pace of change we now find ourselves in.

Marketing science

We believe in evidence based effectiveness models. We combine the latest data and research methodologies with psychology, neurology, cognitive science and biometrics to unlock an entirely new level of information and insight. 

Digital in our blood

We are not robots, but we have digital in our blood. We focus on fast data and actionable insights, in a world where things are more connected than ever. Our understanding and service offering needs to be connected, too.

Collaboration and transparency

Collaboration leads to the best value creation.  We believe honesty and transparency is the best policy. Sometimes reward based models can be helpful, too.

In the terrain

The Rh7thm Knowledge Ecosystem is designed for scalable learning that delivers integrated and evolving thinking, so that we are better equipped to deliver outcomes for our clients.

Exponential value

The successful organisations of tomorrow are dedicated to creating amazing futures for themselves and others. Our aim is to work with these curious cultured organisations with a growth mindset.

7 Drivers of Change

Business is being transformed. A variety of fundamental technologies are having an extraordinary impact on how value is being created. However, the real power of change comes from the rich array of intersections between these individual domains.

We have defined 7 elemental drivers of change, resulting in a map of today’s opportunity landscape. We continuously explore and uncover value across this landscape of change, driving our ventures and continuously honing our leading-edge insights and capabilities for our clients.